Active Adult Day Care

Specialized Dementia Care Activity Program

c072A2035 Each and every day from 12 to 20 activities are planned and conducted (at the same time) in different locations – both inside and outdoors- of the center.  The program is designed to be both pleasurable as well as therapeutic.

Goals of Program

  • Maintain language skills
  • Stay physically & cognitively active
  • Improve retrieval of long term memories
  • Maintain social skills
  • Improve their quality of life


072A8094Social Activity Program

Recognizes the need of both large and small group activities

  • Sing-a-longs, music and dancing
  • Entertainment
  • Exercises
  • Bingo
  • Word & trivia games
  • Dominoes, cards and scrabble
  • Basketball, bowling and other sports
  • Cooking and craft projects
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Pet therapy
  • Men and ladies reminiscing & discussion groups
  • Travel videos with discussions

Early Stage Programs

Planned specifically for those newly diagnosed with dementia and/or with slight memory difficulty

  • Mind Strengthening Activities
  • Memory Tips and Strategies
  • Book Club ( a read-aloud activity discussed by chapter)
  • Art Appreciation Class
  • “Spanish Made Simple” Language Class

Community Service Projects

Throughout our life, many people enjoy the opportunity to do good works for others.  And, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s should not change that.  Our members are able to stay connected with the community; enjoy being of service and feel like they are still useful because of meaningful projects such as:

  • Working on special pillows donated to local hospitals
  • Making brownies or cookies for the fire department
  • Baking dog biscuits for local animal shelters
  • Creating book marks for children’s library
  • Stuffing envelopes and/or mailing projects for non-profit organizations

Volunteer Program for Participants

One of the goals of our programs have been to allow involvement by members with the “life” activities of the center to the extent they develop a sense of ownership in the program.  For people who derive greater enjoyment from working, they have the opportunity to volunteer.  Just a few of the many tasks are:

  • Arranging fresh flowers for the dining tables
  • Filling outside bird feeders and/or watering plants and flowers
  • Folding linen napkins for meals
  • Serving as an ambassador to make new members feel welcome

More About Us

Friends Place Adult Day Services provides meaningful activities, socialization opportunities for those individuals with memory problems living in the Richardson and DeSoto and surrounding Dallas areas. Please learn more about our services here.