Wellness Program

All of the programs and services provided by Friends Place Adult Day Services are based on a wellness philosophy of care.  Positive health principles are woven into planned activities connecting the mind, body and spirit.  The goal of our program is to attain the best quality of life and create a sense of well-being for each and every one of our members.

Our wellness program is designed to be proactive and preventative to achieve and/or maintain an optimal level of physical, intellectual and emotional wellness.

Physical Wellness

The program emphasizes preventing illness and health concerns more than just an absence of disease.

  • Exercise – group fitness, dancing, sports/physical games
    • Improves cardiovascular capacity
    • Improves flexibility in the arms and legs
    • Improves balance and mobility
    • Strengthens core muscles
    • Enhances nighttime sleeping
  • Music and Dancing
    • Rhythmic cues stimulate the brain’s motor system helping those with Parkinson’s and movement disorders
    • Improves self-esteem
    • Reduces stress and feelings of depression
  • Walking and Movement
    • Centers and programs are designed to promote and encourage walking and movement throughout the day
    • Wii gaming system for active indoor sports and games
    • Outdoor areas accommodate walking and physical activities
    • Maintains mobility and flexibility
    • Promotes good digestion
  •  Dietary and Hydration Program
    • Scheduled as an activity but intended to ensure good hydration, juice and water are served 3 times each day
    • Salads are served daily with a carefully planned, nutritious meal

c072A8071Intellectual Wellness

Daily focus on keeping the mind active as well as slowing the progression of disease

  • Word games, trivia, current event discussion groups, puzzles, debates, reminiscing, bingo, card games
    • Maintain language skills adversely affected by dementia
    • Strengthen memory retrieval and retention skills
  • Brain Fitness Program Early Stage program offers art appreciation, Spanish class, book club and daily group crossword
    • Life-long learning
    • Challenges the mind with intellectual and creative pursuits
    • Members learn memory tips and strategies
    • Improve cognitive functioning
    • Music therapy programs, sing-a-longs
    • Boosts memory
    • Retains language skills
    • Daily exercises – improve cognitive function

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness – good health for the soul- can be found in music, laughter, dance, and other activities that facilitate socialization

  • Opportunity to enjoy living in the moment
  • Positive changes in mood and emotions
  • Promotes a state of harmony with self and others
  • Allows everyone to practice acceptance
  • Creates feelings of joy, fulfillment and personal contentment